Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surprise Day Off...

Today was my surprise day off--because I'm only in the 3rd act of the show, we weren't going to get that far in tech today, so I missed the first 10 out of 12 (rehearsal from 12-12, but with a total of 2 hours' break, meaning you only work ten out of twelve hours). It would have been especially great if I didn't have to leave the house, because it was -42C in the wind today (but a balmy -28C otherwise). I don't know what that is for my pals in the US of A, but suffice it to say it is FREAKING COLD.

I did finish C25K on Saturday, so I'm feeling pretty proud about that... although I am a pokey pokerson, so I think the next order of business is to increase my pace.

Other things to do:
Sort my receipts (ugh) for taxes
Clean, clean, clean

The glamourous life of the artist, am I right?

I'm loving having so much free time... so much that I am seriously considering just not going back to my job in March.

I know, I know.

But it's nice to think about..

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes the day off gods smile upon you...

I had a day off today (did I mention I'm not in this play very much?), and I "wasted" it by staying in bed with an earache. But then the deities of days off looked upon me with pity and it was good--I have another day off tomorrow!

Yes, I am one of those people who tries to pack as much as possible into their day off. I feel guilty if I spend the day doing nothing-there are so many projects I could be finishing! So many errands I could be running! So many workouts I could be doing! So many postponed blood tests (an exciting byproduct of my current meds) to be taking!

I'm never sure if I should be working on that--I do find it hard to relax and just take time for myself, yet I also kind of love being occupied with a bunch of different personal projects.

I don't really miss being at my job at all--I think my boss felt like since I was so committed to keeping everything running that I was a huge control freak who would have problems detaching. When in reality, the opposite is true... I'm all "Good luck, suckers!" I confess: I do check my email every few days,mostly to file it so I don't have 7000 emails when I get back. And... I may laugh a little at some of them, in a jerky way, like a jerk would do. And then I don't think about it at all.

Tomorrow: 2nd last run of Couch to 5K. Followed up by some Value Village shopping. Then possibly followed up by reading a book at a coffee shop... the weather is dismal here, cold and snowing, so I sometimes get lazy about going places. Then, some cooking.

If I could find someone to pay me to do this all the time, I'd be set!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Overheard at my Big Fancy Costume Fitting:

Designer: Let's try on some hats!

Me: (in a cautionary, yet still jovial (let's call it jovionary) tone): Just so you know, I have kind of a big head, ha ha ha...

Designer: Ha ha ha... here, try this one.

Me: It's really dashed my hat dreams before--I think this is too small.

Designer: It certainly is. Try this... no, you really don't want a fedora, do you? All right, how about... hmmm.

Me: Right?

Designer: You do have quite a large cranium there... well, we'll find you a hat....

(Long pause.)

Designer: On second thought, let's look at babushkas!

On second thought, let's look at babushkas...

Tagline for my life?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

First Day

I just wanted to do a quick post on my first day of rehearsal!

I was nervous yesterday. NERRRRRVOUS. But of course everyone was very nice and professional and lovely and it was amazing to see my name on a dressing room door, and to get measured for costumes and to realize that I might have an appointment with THE WIG DEPARTMENT(!) and about a hundred more things that were new and exciting!

It was also intimidating. I mean, these people were PREPARED beyond anything I've experienced in a while. And I remembered how much work this is, and how much of yourself you have to give and how much courage it takes to do this work. And no, it's not curing cancer or fighting wars, but it's important--and, I realized, where I feel at home. Well, maybe a haunted home because it was so scary as well.

I keep finding myself going back over--did I say enough? Did I say the wrong thing when I did talk? My reflex in new situations is often to just listen and learn as much as possible... which can backfire in that people think I'm incredibly shy or that I have nothing to say. I tried to analyze everything, really--and right now I'm working on giving myself a break because IT'S MY FIRST DAY AT A NEW THING.

It was also very interesting to hang out with people who are bona fide professional actors--as in , actors without a joe job, who pretty much make their entire living from it. They didn't seem to have any of the apologetic "Well, I also do this art thing" that I catch in myself or in some of my friends. They may very wel be insecure about themselves, or their talent, or other things, but they were very confident on the point of "Yes, I am an artist. And?" No apology needed. No question that I would believe them. And no question that they believed that I am an artist too, since I was right there at the table with them.

I have a costume fitting tomorrow, and then I don't return to the rehearsal hall for another couple of weeks.

Which I'm already looking forward to!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday is like Monday is like Friday

Hi guys.
I'm back at work for the first time in two weeks, and am I ever thrilled about it! No, wait, what's the opposite of thrilled?

The latest and greatest incident in my continuing work saga is that my paycheque last week was strangely smaller than I thought it would be. I chalked it up to me missing what pay period we were on... besides, there's no way to check in with anyone, since everyone is still away for the holiday.

Well, today I looked at the actual pay stub and compared it to my schedule-- over 40 hours are missing from this cheque. Seriously, an entire week of work. Can that really be a typo? I had a little difficulty writing a polite email about that one. Not that it matters, because everyone's away on holiday until next week. It's bad enough that I am still working here, but when they stop paying me... grrr.

I got a call inviting me to the first day of rehearsals for my new gig--because I have such a large and signficant role, I won't be joining the group officially until the third week of rehearsals. But I will be going in for the first day to meet everyone and see the design presentation and be in the first read and all that good stuff. Eeeeeescary/Awesome!

Naturally, my first thought was "What should I wear?"

I suppose I should tell my job about this show. I am waiting to hear about another Big Important Thing With Little Likelihood Of Coming Through before I email them, though.

I am supposed to hear today.

I am impatient.

Thank goodness my first day back is followed by two days off.