Friday, October 23, 2009

brand recognition

Apparently this is something I need to focus on. My brand, that is. After last weekend of extended members of my family telling me about how I'm a stage manager (which I retired from years ago), and the registry lady this morning saying she'd seen my husband in numerous shows and had heard of me... I'm a designer, right? Stage manager? Something else? It becomes clear to me that I need to somehow let people know what I do. I mean, it's great that they've heard of me. But they never seem to know why.

I run into this a lot, actually. My name is familiar to theatregoers, but no one can quite place what I do. Doesn't help that J spent a couple of seasons being quite the darling of the scene here. Everyone's heard of J and his playwriting buddies, but I'm more of a... vague memory somehow.

I suppose I need to get out there. I thought I was trying to, maybe I need to try harder. Or maybe there's only so hard you can try here, maybe I need to try and make a splash in a bigger market.

In any case, self-promotion. Branding. How do I do that, exactly...?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

teh guiltz about posting

I have non-posting guilt! I'm sorry for anyone who checked back faithfully, hoping that one day I would return. But I'm back. Again! Does it seem like my blog is continually me making a fresh start and promising to do better? Not that that would be a pattern indicative of other parts of my life, noooo sir.
Well, maybe.
But I have an excuse-- I got married! Last Saturday, in fact, so I'm still high on the fact that I will never have to plan a wedding again! The day was great, and people seemed to appreciate all the little details. A few hiccups, but that's what happens when you throw yourself a ridiculous and expensive party.
But I am so happy to get back to my real life! And that I can walk through malls without having to go through my mental checklist of things-I-still-have-to-buy-for-the-4000-diy-projects-i-thought-would-be-fun-and-romantic-last-year.

Upcoming for me:
going back on weight watchers. Yes, I really let that go in the last couple of months. My dress fit perfectly, thankyouverymuch, but now I think I need to get back on track and lose that last 20 lbs or so. so close!

working on my script. Yes, that one. That script that's been floating around town for about a year or so, the one that no one here seems very interested in. But my plan... well, my plan is to get another draft out of that sucker, and to send it out. As in, out of town. To other people and companies, to whom I will no doubt be more interesting, since I will be from out of town. From their perspective.

working on a new script. That's right, we have a production of a play coming up in May, a play that currently exists as a series of images in my mind. best get to stepping on that one, methinks.

solo show? I don't know, it's been in my mind that I should do some sort of cabaret show. All sing-y and such. I know, I know, I'm terrified of singing in public and have only in the very recent past begun to discover my voice again. yet it keeps coming up in my mind. So we'll see where that goes.

Of course, Fringe applications are once again coming up... not sure how I feel about that. The lottery beats me every time, it seems. Plus, there's the question of money... can my credit card withstand another swipe? I feel like I'm just one swipe away from it bursting into flames!