Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neglected once more...

Poor lonely blog that I never update! Let's see if I can't catch everyone up on what's been happening over the last few months...

I am leaving my job. FINALLY. My last day is on Friday. My boss sent out the announcement last night, inviting everyone to "stop by" and wish me well. So today I have been having the exact same conversation with every single person who works here... people who couldn't be bothered to speak to me for the last four years are suddenly distraught at my imminent departure. My only regrets are: that I didn't quit many moons ago, and that I wish I had more than 2 days off before starting my new job. I could use a little more time to unwind after the fringe. Which leads us to:

THE FRINGE. Yes. I am here, I am doing a fringe show. A show that seems to have confused and disappointed critics. A show that seems to be loved by about half our audience, and... not-as-loved by the rest. We have had 5 performances already, and have 5 more starting today. I think we are all having an awesome time together, but the show is a lot of work. The company I'm working with seems to like me and I think we will work together again... provided they don't have to disband because of hatred of this show. No, that won't happen.... right? (No, it won't).

The folks I am working with in the show are incredibly supportive-- they included me singing in the show (recorded on a sound cue), and think I should do a cabaret. Which I would really, really like to do... I just have to maintain the courage to move forward with it.

I've been invited to return to the big fancy theatre in town to their playwright development program to write a new play. On spec, I think, not any immediate money in it. But still, a chance to hang out with some cool people and discuss theatre. Oh, and write a big play that is suitable for a big theatre. Which I'm not quite sure how to do.

In other writing, I've been faithfully keeping a list of play ideas as they occur to me on my phone... but I think I may have to just take one and run with it and write it before thinking about it. I have a tendency of letting things percolate for too long and then they somehow become "sacred" and I can't write them.

My new job is going to be a big change for me-- a longer contract (till June), with pretty regimented hours (8-5, M-F). It will pretty much preclude me from taking random gigs that pop up without a lot of notice, but the money is really good. I'm hoping to save up some money to be able to freelance for a long while once the contract is up, and in the meantime I'll be able to do some writing in the evenings. And I think I will focus on creating projects with people I'm interested in working with, and who are interested in working with me... if we're interested in each other, schedules suddenly become a lot more flexible.

Here's hoping this all works out somehow.