Saturday, May 16, 2009

WW Slacker

Yes, that is exactly what I am. A weight watchers slacker. When I eat, I fleetingly think of the points values of everything, and it's like they just sail through my head. In one ear and out the other, as it were. So I am up a couple of pounds. Three to be exact. Of course, that's also following a mini-vacation/wedding business trip, in which I not only tasted several kinds of cake (and took seconds and thirds, just to be "sure"), but I also had to eat out all the time.

I think doing the tour and not having to worry so much about what I was eating (hello, two load ins and load outs a day, not to mention the very physical clown show. AND lots of time in small towns with few veggie options), I got very lazy. I rediscovered my love of french fries. I stopped counting. I'm going to have to count again, because I am determined to be in the 150's by my birthday. Leaving me a nice long while to get into the 140 district for the wedding. Not that I'm losing weight for the wedding. In fact, I'm not. I think I will look perfectly lovely even if I don't lose another pound. I'm just tired of thinking about losing weight, or having to lose weight, or dreaming about losing weight. It's become something of a lifelong occupation, one that I'll be glad to be rid of.

In other news, I started Week 2 of the Couch to 5K program today, and it completely kicked my ass. I don't even want to think about next week's even longer run. And in several weeks, when I run for 30 minutes non-stop? Forget about it!

I also signed up for Suite 101, and have thus far written 3 articles for them. I have it on good authority that you can actually make some kind of money doing it, and even if I only make a few bucks a month, I figure I can pay off my credit card/student loan, and learn something about web writing. Which is totally different from print writing. Like this blog? Doing it all wrong.

Next week is picking up, I have some medical improv gigs, as well as a film workshop all next weekend. Then more medical improv the week after. The sucky part is it doesn't pay until about a month after the fact. And I am dragging my ass on getting a job. I seriously cannot face working in someone's office again. Or having to explain to someone in an interview why being in theatre does in fact give me useful skills.

But I think I will save that for next week. Or the week after...

Friday, May 08, 2009

born to run?

Of course, it might be a little early to say that, seeing as how i made it through day 2 of the 5 week program today. And it could be my imagination, but I seem to remember feeling that my lungs were going to explode a little later than last time out. A good sign? Possibly. The only crappy part of the day was getting road tar on my leg. This is one of the few things that nail polish remover will not get rid of. It's been suggested that gasoline or kerosene will remove that gunk from my leg in two shakes, but I'm going to have to do a little research before I head out to the Shell station.

Other news? I have an agent! Which is a complete surprise to me, especially as I was getting the old "fuck you" from the entire canon of agents in this tiny town. Plus, I have a lady agent. Which is kind of cool. And she seems non-crazy, another plus in my book. I'm really hoping this works and I get a little work out of this.

At the moment I am procrastinating writing a proposal for an independent production. I have to turn this proposal in by Sunday. It isn't long, and I already have all the point-form information written out in a little notebook. So why the delay? Sigh.

Last night marked the 4th night in a row that my ability to sleep goes on a temporary hiatus. Yes, between about 2:30 and 5:00 am, it seems like I am incapable of sleeping. Kind of annoying. Plus, I look like I'm exhausted all day. Which I kind of am.

Okay, got to get writing this proposal.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

oh sweet zombie jeebus!

how could i forget? following the tour, i made good on my vow to *quit smoking*. today is day 4 heading into day 5. presumably the worst is behind me now. naturally, i have quit numerous times before, last time was for just about a year. i'm hoping to beat that this time around.

this is the time, though, when the nicotine cravings are starting to diminish and my brain does something tricky like saying "you could have just one and be completely fine". i have to resist that until the point where smoking becomes gross to me. right now it just seems like everyone around me smokes and life is completely unfair because i can't have one.

fortunately, there is no way i could imagine running while still smoking.

still alive

bet you thought i was never coming back, right? well i am back. i finished my tour, all ten weeks, and i managed to survive without killing a single person. though there was a day or two when i came close. but now i've been home for just over a week, and i'm trying to make some things happen for myself.

firstly, getting an agent. i finally sent out my new pictures to every single legit agent in town, and have gotten a couple of nibbles, but nothing definite yet. i have a meeting tomorrow with one place, but i am still waiting to hear on the guy who represents *everyone* in town. hopefully the smaller agency will be a good fit for me. plus i have a film workshop that i am somehow going to take and pay for in a couple of weeks, meaning the "film" portion of my resume will no longer be blank.

secondly, trying to get some writing done. currently looking into freelancing online for small sums of cash. better than nothing, and it builds the portfolio. plus i get to write about things i'm actually interested in!

doing a show at the fringe which i have nothing to do with the production/budgeting of. this is kind of a relief, compared to past fringes. all i have to do is show up and act, which sounds fabulous to me!

putting in a proposal to do an independent show (as yet unwritten) next year. realizing after this tour and a couple of auditions i had when i got back that people do in fact know who i am, and might even hire me, were there enough work to support it. so the next best thing i can do is make my own work.

started running. well, today i started running. so i guess i've run once, if we're going to get specific about it. trying the couch to 5k program from cool runnings, and i can't even begin to express what a difference music makes to working out. i don't know why i never made the connection before, but something about running and music goes together like... well, like some food i love and can't eat and a second food i love and can't eat.

trying not to go broke. this is made difficult by my laziness about getting a job, and by a wedding-related excursion up to Canmore to get some cake tasting and venue-photographing done.

trying not to get a job for a while. it looks like my schedule will really only allow temping anyway, but i just can't get all excited about getting dressed in work pants and heading to someone's office 5 days a week. i've been spoiled for the past year, what with not having to get a regular job. and now i have to get a regular job. yes, waah waah, poor me. i've got some medical improv gigs lined up over the next month, hopefully those will take some of the edge off of my credit card.

and i think that's all the news that is the news...