Thursday, August 31, 2006

hey guess what

for some reason, i have extended my contract at work. perhaps it's the lure of greed and money, perhaps it's some dormant math gene rumbling into being. more likely the money though.
but of course, this time next week i will be in beautiful downtown las vegas!!!
not to mention an extended stay at the denver airport. both ways. hopefully it's a good airport with things to do. i'm not hopeful, though.
yes, work is being good to me. despite the fact that Mysterious Medical Ailment has caused me to take numerous days off in the last couple of weeks. despite the fact that i told them i was going to vegas. in fact, i get all this time off paid. sick days! vacation!
why didn't someone tell me working for the government was so damn sweet?
in any case, after my job is done, whenever that is, i have my plans. my screenplay. my project for NaNoWriMo. the show that i somehow sweet talked my way into us doing next spring.
must clear some space on my digital camera for the many, many ironic photos i plan to take.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the big sleep

well, my resolution to keep up with the blog certainly has gone to hell in a handcart.
today, while recovering from Mystery Medical Ailment #458 (see also: ugly giant itchy welts), i took the opportunity to take a couple of benadryls (see also: another drug i'll never get addicted to) and relax while watching my stories. needless to say, mere moments later, i opened my eyes to find it was approaching 7pm. yes, 4 hours of my day off, wasted. consequently, it's 2:23 am and i can't sleep.
in any case, i had the most disturbing dream while i was sleeping. i know it's a common dream, and i've had it before. i dreamt that i was going to start working with a new boss, and that i was going to be late for work. but i kept putting off calling in and mentioning that i was going to be late. while eating something, i felt a familiar SP=ROINGGGGG! (see also: how i lost a tooth on a tootsie roll one fateful halloween) and realized that i had popped out/broken off all my teeth. needless to say, it was distressing. i looked in a mirror and saw that my front teeth were about 1/4 inch long and jagged, some teeth were missing entirely, with a couple of lonley chompers left here and there. so i start screaming to the effect of "oh my god, all my teeth!", and everyone around me just shrugs it off. and then i realize at that point that it's about 4pm and i'm never going to make it to work. plus i am horribly disfigured. but the most disturbing part of the dream, was that in the dream, i was aware that i was wearing someone else's teeth. like i'd borrowed aunt edna's dentures or something and was wearing them around and suddenly destroyed them. i remember desperately searching for my teeth on the ground, and coming up with only fingernail-clipping-like shards. and thinking "oh no! i've ruined her teeth!"
when i finally woke up, i was hesitant to check and see if my teeth were still there. fortunately, they are.
for now.
i guess the moral of the story is: never lend me your teeth.