Thursday, June 29, 2006

deja poo

oh my i have seen this shit before...
yes, i officially am going crazy at my job. it's not so much the job itself as the fact that every other day they completely change every single procedure. and that we're doing shiftwork. and that even though my days off are staggered, i'm apparently supposed to have all my work that comes in on my day off done within 20 minutes of arriving for my next shift.
argh. august 31 cannot come soon enough for me.
at least i have tomorrow (today) off.
my birthday has officially come and gone. so now it's time to make some birthday year resolutions...
1) going back to the gym. starting tomorrow.
2) start having more fun
3) write each and every day
4) start doing some more creative shit. music, decoupage, whatever.

so pretty much the same as usual.
also, the cat's fountain is broken. now he refuses to drink from the affectionately named "big boy cup" because he has a strong disdain for any water that is not 1)running and 2) chilled. i should have it so good. so i have to hunt down an adaptor, or buy the cat a new fountain. perhaps that can be on my list of things to do for tomorrow...

hmmm perhaps resolution number 5 should be to write a better blog. or at least a more regular blog.

i hereby resolve to try and find some interesting content for this thing.
does this count as writing?