Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back Again

Oh hello my young Honey Boo Boo children,
I'm back again. I haven't looked at how long it's been, but I know it's a shaming amount of time. Here's what I've been up to, in the order that I remember it:

I wrote a play in 3 hours! A very short, very odd play. It was part of an annual fundraiser for a theatre company in town: 4 playwrights are given a first line (and a couple of other things to include), and have 3 hours to write a play... at which point set and costume designers take the script and start building stuff... then actors and a director get a hold of it... and the whole show of 4 complete productions go up that evening... about 11 hours after the writer finishes. Needless to say, the finished results are rather hilarious.

I'm preparing for an audition I don't even know if I have yet, because it's the kind of audition that requires me to prepare a whole bunch of stuff that I'd like to get a jump on before they call and say they'd like to see me in three days. New monologues, new song. Reading The Winter's Tale, as my classical is from there, and... ugh. What a weird, not-so-good Shakespeare play. They aren't all winners, people!

Taking ye olde Synthroid now that my thyroid is finally crapping out... which explains the utter exhaustion, weird voice fatigue, and ever-growing fatness. I'm hoping that when things get evened out, I will decrease in mass. Or at least, stop increasing. It's getting to be a bit of a situation with work clothes, here... Not to mention that my largesse leaves me feeling less than confident for my (fingers crossed) upcoming audition, or...

Heading off to another city for 3 weeks to do a performance intensive culminating in public performance. Exciting! Scary! Working only weekdays... potentially lonesome and boring weekends! (I'm sure I'll have lots of homework and can spend the rest of the time at the gym).

Looking for an apartment because my landlady sold our house! Yes, 48 hours after telling us "I'm thinking about selling the house", the house was sold... apparently at $40,000 over asking, which is great, great news. We have until the end of June to find somewhere new, which is stressful and somewhat demoralizing, since a lot of landlords are very judgy about tenants with pets. Also, I'm afraid we'll inadvertently end up in a sketchy area of town and be murdered.

My job is... employing me. I'm still trying to find the balance of this "part time work from home" situation I'm supposed to have. Mostly I feel fairly bummed out when I get here in the morning, but I'm trying to work it out... at least until I can find another apartment and go through all the credit/reference checks.

And how have you been?