Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Before You Succumb To Ennui...

Just when you're feeling like you want to leave an open can of tuna fish in the desk of everyone who works at the RBC Student Loan Centre (most decidedly NOT vegetarian), or when you're stressed out because you're worried about money and working two jobs. Just when you're feeling blue because you may never accomplish anything else creative in your life. Just when you think you're having kind of a shitty day, someone tells you this:

"I had to get a new credit card because one day VISA called me and asked if I'd just bought some drugs at a pharmacy in Houston and 2 one-way tickets to Libya. So I thought I'd better get a new card."

Sort of awesome, right? I mean, definitely better than the time I got rejected for a card because I had an outstanding Bay charge card because I used to eat at their restaurant and buy groceries in their pharmacy when I was a poor, starving student. Not really a story to dine out on, that one.


Dr. Matt said...

CIBC Visa called me once to ask if I was in Montreal. When I told them I was not, dude was like "OK, thanks! We're cancelling your card and sending you a new one." Not as good as Libya, I know.

uberviolet said...

The only contact Mastercard ever has with me is to send me those stupid, stupid cheques that I have to shred.