Thursday, March 07, 2013

Two-Job Day

Like the title says, today is a two-job day--worked a medical improv gig this afternoon, and working at my day job... at night. I've moved my office two floors up, but tonight's shift I have to work from the desk next to my old station. I'm feeling a bit split focus today-- in two places at once, as it were.

I'm still looking for that new play idea--maybe looking too hard, since it seems less and less likely that I'm going to find that PERFECT IDEA. It may be time to start working on something less than perfect. I've been entertaining the idea of writing some short plays, just to get back in the swing of things. And there seem to be tons of places that accept short plays, for festivals and contests and readings and such. I am also beginning to really worry that I may never write again. Which may be the reason that people keep writing--to prove that they are, in fact, undefeated.

There is one idea that keeps coming back, that keeps presenting itself to me (which is always a bit creepy), but I don't really have this one tiny thing called a story. Or characters. Or anything. Just a vague idea. Which means I need to keep thinking.

But I'm getting impatient.

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