Friday, September 10, 2010

I Tried To Wear A Cowboy Shirt...

But they only go with jeans. Unless, of course, you're wearing a fancier "black tie event" country shirt, and you've got a lot of sequins on it.

I work at a concert hall, which is a sweet job, and when you work concert duty (during an event), you have to wear black. It just so happens that I have a black cowboy shirt, which would have been PERFECT for tonight's country music event, but sadly, it just didn't go with my black dress pants. I am looking forward to seeing some of the outfits on tonight's audience, though.

I did get some things done. A lovely and amazing friend who is older and better connected than I suggested some theatres to send my play to, and is allowing me to drop his name with the folks that he knows (always helpful in not seeming like a random lunatic who writes plays). So I have a list of a few companies to get on.

When I called my hair salon, my decision seemed much easier all of a sudden. Being left on hold for 6 minutes, a rude receptionist, and a stylist whose schedule in no way works with mine suddenly made me think back to all the times I've walked out of there with colour spots on my forehead, or on my neck. Of how far from my house this salon is. Of how expensive it is, considering I feel unappreciated every time I go.

And that sounds incredibly entitled of me, I know. I'm actually not precious about my hair. But I suppose I am particular about how I'm treated. Not that I get all Caruso and ream people out for making eye contact. But I treat customers nicely at my job, I guess I expect that from places I go to as a customer.

I also got a last-minute editing job, which will bring a wee bit of extra cash into the household.

Once I get out of here after the concert, I have the whole weekend off! Which is a rarity. I plan to get a lot of guitar playing done, a little bit of sewing, and a shopping spree where J and I stock up on things like new socks and underwear, and other wintertime neccessities.

Have a fab weekend, everyone!

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